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Hi All,

As you may probably know, I like to trawl the net for inspiration (and to help boredom) and to share websites that I think others will find useful so here is another.

This is a community forum for fellow crafty people to share the projects and participate in craft challenges.

They cover everything from framed collages


(posted by Knickertwist)

…to needlework


(Posted by RetroGypsy)

I could spend hours looking through all the different types of art on here. If you’re ever stuck for what to do and want so make a gift, I say you should stop here as the choices are endless.

Thanks for viewing!





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Hi All,

I thought it would be a good idea to share with you “fashnatics” another website that I have been viewing for a few years  called  (forgive me as I don’t know how to links properly)

This website covers everything from illustrations to ad campaigns, culture and music.

Meta, until you see the face (Izziyana binte S...

Meta, until you see the face (Izziyana binte Suhaimi) (Photo credit: inju)

(Illustrations by Izziyana Suhaimi)

I came across this wonderful site during college as a task to collect illustrators for inspiration, which did help.

Hope you get inspired too,


Party Dress

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Hi All,

I would like to share a quick photo of a dress I made for a friend Stacey in the photo (sorry about the background).

Party Dress

The design was all her idea and she picked out the fabrics so well done to her!

I may have better photos of it soon.

Thanks for viewing



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This gives me fashion Ideas.

Imagine Inspiration

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Matching Hat, Cardigan and Bootees

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Hi All,

I have just completed a project I’m happy with, as it’s the first time I have done the basket stitch pattern.

I’ve noticed that I’m not too bad at picking up new things!

I didn’t have a baby to hand to model this for me… sorry.

Ear Flaps


I decided to use a contrast yarn for the button band and pockets.

Pocket Detail

Freshly added some bootees (mittens may be added soon)


I hope you like viewing this as much as I enjoyed knitting it


Cape instructions

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Hi All,

I have a fascination with capes, all types and styles, so I was looking around for a simple hooded pattern.

I’ve made capes before but I always find myself looking for different ways to make them.

I came across this one a while back

How to Make a Cape

Here’s the link

When I have time, I will create plenty of versions of this!

Baby Sweater

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Hi All,

I just completed a babys’ sweater that I mentioned before. It didn’t take long to do and it’s suitable for beginners as it has no shaping at all.


The front is exactly the same as the back.

The buttons shape the neckline, changing the sizes and colour can make a difference.


I think I’ll make quite a few of these or similar ones in the pattern as they are easy to do.

Plus I know a few expectant mothers (this is for one of them).

Oh, I want to make an adult sized version, so if/when I get to do so I will post it on here.



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