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Baby “Custard” Hat

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Hi All,

I just sewn up this hat for a client that I’m proud of (my sister X decided on the name custard).


It looks quite woodlandy.


The only problem was the casting on looks a little loose.

I got this out of a book my mom brought in 1997. What knitting projects have you been doing?



Work Clothes Projects.

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Hi All,

I have been sewing some clothes for the office, as I find it a little cheaper to make some clothes than to but all.

Here’s a few pics for your eyes!

I was going to sew a maxi out of this, but my boy friend talked me out of it.

The back of skirt.

This next half constructed garment is from one of the design sheets I posted beforehand.

Do excuse the creases!

Cross stitching on inside-out dart.

Floral lining.

I drafted in a button stand on the original pattern I made, I’ll be attaching press studs.

When the other dart is cross stitched down, I’m going to cut and sew a peplum to the bottom of this bodice.

If you creative types have any ideas for work clothes, I’ll be glad to have them!






A Dress For Mom 2

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Hi All,

I posted a dress for mom a while back and I said I have made more, and S liked the first one so much she wants me to make a load more!

I added frills to the neck and hemline


I pinned the neckline to the mannequin to show the frill standing upwards.

Back view

Cute frill on hem.

This version is shorter than the first dress, I think I was the one that came up with attaching a frill on the hem.

S said to put one on the neckline too, as she’s adventurous like that!

Oh and if you were wondering, yes, this is the same fabric use for one of my Sorbetto tops (S choose fabric, I’m not this colourful AT ALL).





Sketches Galore

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Hi All,

I have been rather busy with knitting and sewing several garments and accessories at once, so I thought I’d share a few little sketches I have been doing while at work.

The one below was done a while ago

This is what I call my Spiked Collar collection

Designs for pattern fabric I may get printed at


Been meaning to sew something like this for a long time now, it’s just getting the fabric and the time now.


I drew these for my cousins wedding (she wants a black, gothic dress).

Work clothes… do ignore the scribbles

Peplums and frills.

Clothes for the rocker at work, designed with star print fabric

Well, if I ever get around to doing at least half the garments I designed here… that’s a start.

I’m currently sewing a sleeveless “over shirt” with a peplum, will post when complete!






Liebster Award Nomination, Thanking You!

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Hi All,

As some may be aware of, I got nominated for a Liebster Award by the one and only Kim-ing.

Thank you great and congrats to you also.

You can read all about the award at her blog (and I don’t know how to post the link of the pic, sorry)

Here are my five nominations :), I hear (or read rather) they need less than 200 followers.

I’m not sure if these lovely people do but here goes nothing!

dressesandme – These are the things I’m sewing….

knit the hell out – more obsessed with each passing stitch

All She Wants To Do Is Knit – Welcome to Knitting Addicts Anonymous…..

Cuckoo Chanel – Simply mad about sewing

Redd’s Threads – Stitching it all together
All the above a amazingly talented in what they do, sewing and/or knitting wise.

I like gain inspiration as well as share it!

Check them all out and don’t be afraid to say hey. Good luck to all who are nominated!


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