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Optical Illusion Dress

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Hi All,

I made a pullover dress from a cotton poplin with a polka dot pattern, I originally wanted to use it for shorts but then I realised that I’d look better as a dress. I’ve named this post the Optical Illusion dress as that’s what J says it looks like, as it hurts your eyes.

I have used the pattern before, I used it twice for dresses for my mom and once more for myself.

Here’s the new addition to the M6465 clan!



Oh, photo credits to J by the way, I wasn’t aware this was taken. I like this photo.




I notice I look moody in most if the photos on this blog (not on purpose, it’s how my face is) so I thought I’d go slightly kooky.



I’m showing there’s decent wriggle room 🙂

I liked sewing this as I didn’t have to refer to the pattern to make sure I was doing things “by the book” because 1) it was simple and

2) I’ve used this pattern 3 times already

I’ve started sewing neater with none stretch fabric for the past few months as I have started slowing things down (it could be the new sewing machine too), I don’t need to be in a rush to make things. I think from my college days, I was in a rush most of the time to get things finished.

I like this dress because of it’s Aline shape and cute polka dots. My mom likes it so much she wants another one -_-.

I’m guessing I should keep this pattern a little longer



Little Red Skater Dress

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Hi All,

Well I finally made a skater dress after looking at a load of indie patterns and DIY tutorials.

I decided to draft my own pattern from a figure hugging dress, I traced around it to my natural waist, I used this tutorial as a guide.

The material I used is highly stretchable so I found it easy to work with and I think it suits this dress. I’m in the middle of making another dress with black fabric called scuba… I think it’s called that because it’s thick.

Here’s the outcome

Skater Dress 1

Skater Dress

I think it’s really short so I thought I should only wear this with tights or leggings, but after seeing the photos I like it and I’ll wear a pair of short shorts with it.

Skater Back

J said I like like a tennis player due to my wide back, I like that



Lucy liked my dress too

Lucy liked my dress too

Above is what it looks like flared out, I think the skirt hangs slightly lower on the sides. It’s different and I don’t want to cut it shorter as it’s short enough.

I’ll be working on my black skater dress… it has sleeves!


Drape Drape Dress

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Hi All,

I got the Drape Drape 2 pattern book as a gift last week (I have been eyeing these books on and off for years) and I couldn’t wait to try out the more simpler designs first.

I opted for pattern no.2, the one-piece side drape top, it actually fits like a dress and I have seen this is the case for many others that have made this pattern.

I used 1 metre of highly stretchy blue jersey which I’m glad I chose instead of black, I’ll leave that for a knee length pants pattern.

Here’s the layout of the pattern cut from the fabric.


As I read the instructions on how to sew this, I dreaded doing it already as I had to fold over the binding on the neck and armholes… sigh. I wanted to do it by the book so I did them, never again! I’ll do it the other way they’ve stated by overlocking one side. So much easier. Or I could overlock the holes and fold them over, it should look fine that way.

On with the photos then.

I do realize you can see my bra but it's much better than seeing my nips :)

I do realize you can see my bra but it’s much better than seeing my nips 🙂

I think a sports/t shirt bra will be needed here.



I didn’t hem the dress as I had enough, it doesn’t look bad this way either

I didn’t have any heels today as I think this’ll look great with a pair.



There’s nothing like a slinky dress to show yourself how athletic I look compared to the models in the book.


This is how the draped piece looks when stretched out, this side is half sewn and cut on the fold. It sounds odd if you don’t have the book but if you’re into patterns you can kind of figure it out by looking at the layout above.

I will be tracing out other patterns from Drape Drape 2 but some of them I still haven’t got my head around, I’ll try to make sense of them soon!


T-Shirt Refashions

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Hi All,

I have noticed that I have bought a lot of baggy t shirts and they’re not flattering at all,  so I decided to hack at a three of them.

Two of them I resized and I turned one into a light duty bag, I’ll do a tutorial for the resizing (I haven’t got an end result photo as I’m wearing it and it was too comfortable to take off… so it went well).

T-shirt Resizing


This is a mens' XS

This is a mens’ XS

Step 1

1. Lay a fitted tee on top of the one you want to resize (if you don’t have one, put on the tee you want to change and pin as you go along).

Step 2

2. You can either pin or mark with chalk how you’d like to cut the new shape. I carefully cut it straight out, I kept the original hem on this one as I wanted to keep the length.

3. Pin your new seams together and sew, I left the sleeves raw as I liked how they rolled by themselves.


I got the tutorial for this here, I need to get some black bias binding to reinforce the holes I cut.

T shirt Bag




These are very simple to do and I did these as I didn’t want to throw them out and waste the fabric. I also a new ‘every day’ bag.

I’ve started looking at other T-shirt refashions that I want to give a go, jersey is a very versatile fabric.


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