Monotone Capri Pants

Hi All,

As you may already know, I’ve developed a liking to make culottes using jersey fabric.

These are different because they are well fitted like leggings then gradually flare out at the calf. I couldn’t really call them cullotes so I went with capri pants instead

I’ve worn these once to some good reactions, I like them myself so I will be wearing them as it gets warmer (I hope!)

Posing in fitting rooms is one of my favourite pastimes

One issue I have is sometimes the centre seam stretches over to my other butt check. This is due to the horizontal striped leg isn’t cut on the right grainline so it’s not as elastic as the vertical striped leg, I should have allowed for more fabric but it’s worth it!

I’m realizing that I have way too many of this style of bottoms now, they’re so easy to wear! I’ll move on to something else

Be creative guys!




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